outdoor center on the veluwe


The Veluwe is home to the best outdoor centre in the Netherlands. It is a fantastic venue where groups of up to 500 people can go completely wild. In fact, they even are encouraged to! Whichever activity you decide to do, it promises to be a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

You can even combine your adventure at Veluwe Events with catering options or an overnight stay at the nearby Apollo Hotel Veluwe De Beyaerd. So, what are you waiting for? Come and have fun at Veluwe Events!


indoor and outdoor activities for up to 500 people

Our logo says it all. We are the fox of the Veluwe – an intelligent and energetic animal who loves challenges. We crave adventure in the wild outdoors. Time and time again, we surprise our customers with our fantastic range of activities. We create experiences; cultural, active, and recreational experiences. And each and every single one will leave you feeling energized. Our personal service is what really sets us apart: we think outside the box, in search of the right experience for you. Our experienced and qualified instructors love nothing more than pulling out all the stops to give you a high-quality event for your group. Although we sometimes play hard, safety always comes first. As such, our instructors receive additional training several times a year and we are also TÜV certified and a member of VeBON.



Looking for an activity for your group which doesn’t take a whole day, like a clinic, workshop, or outdoor activity? At Veluwe Events, you can choose from over 100 activities lasting a maximum of one or two hours – from 4x4 driving to tandem cycling or archery. If you want the activity to last a little longer, we can adapt the programme for you. Just let us know the composition of your group. We’ll help you pick the right activity for your group, budget, and programme.



Are you organizing a full day of activities for a company outing or a team awayday? Then we can put together a package for you, combining several activities lasting one to two hours. Your package can also include hospitality and catering options. Would you like to start the day with breakfast? Or would you rather begin with a closed presentation to the group? And end with a barbecue or fantastic party? At Apollo Hotel Veluwe De Beyaerd, located next to our outdoor centre, the possibilities are endless. You can even combine your activity with an overnight stay.




Fill in the contact form and we will contact you for free advice. Or contact us directly on +31 (0) 34 145 15 41.